Photo Collage Phone Case - Scatter Collage 2
Photo Collage Phone Case - Scatter Collage 2

Pixly Case

Photo Collage Phone Case - Scatter Collage 2


Available for most iPhone & Samsung devices

We ship worldwide from the US

Our photo collage phone cases are like a
photo album, but cooler!

Show off your Family, Friends, or Pets

Mix and match your favorite photos to create a masterpiece that's uniquely YOU! Feature a mishmash of your most unforgettable moments; from precious family or pet pics to ridiculous selfies, you can carry them with you everywhere.

The Perfect Gift Idea
for Family or Friends

Stumped for a gift idea? Give your loved ones a photo collage phone case that YOU create, and they can't help but smile whenever they see it! No doubt it will capture your loved ones' hearts! ❤

23 Collages
to Choose from

Enjoy access to over 23 collage styles and quickly create a personalized phone cases that fit your style by adding your pictures. Or just create your case with your favorite photo, if that is what you fancy!

Large Selection of Design and Font Options

Don't want to fill your entire case with photos? Add a pattern or solid color from our library. You can also add clipart, a monogram, name or text. You can even change your colors and fonts! The opportunities are endless! You can do this all right in our design tool! Make your case truly one-of-a-kind!

"Is the protection and quality any good?” you ask.

It’s awesome! Not only are our cases high quality, but they are protective too! Every single part of our phone cases are precisely engineered to protect and make your phone the premium device it was meant to be. This is why...

Two Layers of Protection

Our cases feature a two-piece design! A hard outer shell and inner soft liner (black). The dual-layer design provides extra durability. The Inner TPU liner provides additional impact resistance. What’s more, our cases are lightweight. That means your phone will still feel comfortable in your hand with our cases protecting it.

Amazing Screen Protection

All of our phone cases have a raised edge, which is precisely engineered to make sure your phone screen won’t touch the ground (on a flat surface) when you accidentally drop it. This will guard your precious device from pesky scratches and screen cracks. There is also clear, easy-to-access ports for effortless connectivity. Oh, did we mention that our cases support wireless charging?

Camera Protection

Even better, you’ll also find the same rubber protection around the camera holes, which protects the camera if you drop your phone. That’s something you can’t find in a protective case at this price.

High Quality 3D Printing

We use a 3D sublimation technology to print the image on the case. So, your photos will wrap around the sides! But don’t worry—it won’t look blurry like your friends’ phone case. The colors are bright and crisp.

 Customizing is easy.


Select your device

Choose from iPhone and Samsung Devices. Be sure your device is correct since this is a personalized product.


Design Your Case

Use our amazing design tool to add your favorite photos, add text, add patterns, add clipart, change colors and more!


Place Your Order

It's that simple! Your order will be shipped in 1-3 business days. Tracking will be sent to your email as soon as your order is discpatched.


Sit back!

You'll receive your new favorite case before you know it! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

So, if you’re looking for a phone case that’s not only built to protect your expensive phone but also looks great, then look no further.

This is the case that will up-level your selfie game. And once you use this case, it’s only a matter of time before your friends and family start asking, "Where did you get your case?” So why wait? Get your Pixly Case today and see for yourself why hundreds of customers love our stuff.

What our customers say...

Emily Thompson

“Felt like a princess! Impeccable craftsmanship, perfect fit. Thank you, Prestige!”

Sarah Davis

“Exceeded expectations. Perfect ball gown. Thank you, Prestige!”

Jessica Roberts

“ELuxurious and glamorous! Stunning attention to detail. Thank you, Prestige!”

Olivia Johnson

“Breathtaking and magical. Perfect fit. Thank you, Prestige!”

Megan Thompson

“Modern elegance, timeless beauty. Exquisite taffeta fabric. Thank you, Prestige!”

Rachel Lewis

“Dream dress comes true. Exceptional craftsmanship. Thank you, Prestige!”

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